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Close up of blue water splash and air bubbles, isolated on white. Concept of nature and wa

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Selene Hoover is our lead design strategist. She developed her approach to design though a series of experiential, self-designed degree programs. With help from supportive mentors and advisors, she co-wrote several grants, developed pilot programs, mentored other college students, and completed graduate level practicum work, but her documentation suffered until she badly failed at something and had to work hard to get better. 


She began graduate study with a focus on "facilitating generative change" and asked herself what would happen if she dropped the academics and focused on "being the change she wished to see." Life took quite a turn from there! 

From 2011 to 2016 Selene studied mindfulness and design through work and practice with the Plum Village community, at both Deer Park Monastery, and the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation. This was an unbelievably fortunate circumstance that she is committed to paying forward for the rest of her life.


Serra Hoover  was once described as a "fully awakened being challenged only by the being a dog in a human-centric word." After 16 years of happy frolicking Serra passed on into the realm of spirit. She still, in spirit, serves as our Morale Manager, ever helping us "keep it real."


Lola Hoover  is a tiny tenderhearted little being. She's eight pounds of perfection. She's always in a good mood and does an actual happy dance every afternoon at "teeny weeny greenie time!" Every day, she gets me to dance with her. That's her job. She excels at it.

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