Bringing the energy of mindfulness

to the design process.

Mindfulness is the energy of compassionate awareness.

Cultivating this energy helps us to be more present, allowing for deeper connection with others. In our design practice, mindfulness helps us engage responsively, with a relaxed mind and open heart, encouraging effective action, adaptive change, and the resolving of constraints. 




We help you tell your story in a compelling, dynamic way.


From web deisgn to engagement strategy, we can help identify the right technologies to support your goals, and integrate web copy, photography and striking graphic elements to skillfully convey your message and engage your audience. 


We can also help you connect more deeply with the mission and heart behind all you do, to shape your message in a centered, authentic way that truely inspires. 


Each piece of printed collateral is a work of art, and a calling card – a chance to tell the world about what you do and invite interest. 


We can compose a coordinated package of materials to reinforce your brand; create a logo or sub-mark variations; or work on individual projects including flyers, brochures, or catalouges.


Imbued with a sense of personality, built on precise language and presented with visual potency, print media is a vehicle of lasting impact. 


Some of our most rewarding projects involve working at the program and operations level. We work to understand the culture of your organization and help identify and shape oportunity for growth.


We've designed and implemented innovative pilot programs in public schools; developed service-learning infruastucture for a college and surrounding community; secured grant funding for education programs; and facilitated sucessful 

adaptation of new technology to increase organizational capacity.





Selene Hoover is our lead design strategist. She developed her approach to design though a series of experiential, self-designed degree programs. With a lot of help from some very good mentors and advisors, she co-wrote several grants, developed pilot programs, mentored other college students, and completed graduate level conceptual and practicum work, but her documentation suffered in execution until she failed at something pretty badly and had to work hard to get better. 


She began formal graduate study with a focus on "facilitating generative change" and asked herself what would happen if she dropped academic conception, and focused on "being the change she wished to see."  It's been quite a ride since then! We'll soon be adding more information on the Story Lab project Selene is working on. Until then, contact us with any questions!


Serra Hoover  was once described as a "fully awakened being challenged only by the being a dog in a human-centric word." After 16 years of happy frolicking Serra has passed on into the realm of spirit. She still, in spirit, serves as our Morale Manager, ever helping us "keep it real."


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